Wild Borneo Adventure in Kinabatangan

Kinabatangan Wildlife Lodge is situated at the heart of Kampung Bilit along the mighty Kinabatangan River.

Secluded and surrounded by Bukit Belanda and a host of local activities and sights, Kinabatangan Wildlife Lodge is the perfect base to unwind and explore from.

Nestled amongst native bush at the feet of the Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary, Kinabatangan Wildlife Lodge offers exclusive wildlife sighting within its perimeter. Amongst the residents are Orangutan, White-Crowned Hornbill, Flying Lemur, Common Malay Civet and Buffy Fish Owl to name the few.

Our 15 rooms eco-lodge integrate sustainability, innovation, respect for the environment and the appreciation for the local Orang Sungai cultures.

Few criteria were chosen including: water, energy, waste, purchasing, the integration with the scenery and environmental education. With your support we hope to achieve our objectives for the benefit of mankind.

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